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My B.Sc. thesis

Abstract of my thesis (BSc in Civil engineering)



Authorization plan of the new railway line between the Southern Link Bridge and Soroksári út railway station in Budapest

Bersényi Ágoston, 2014

Consultants: Liegner Nándor, Associate Professor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department of Highway and Railway Engineering

                     Nagy Csaba, Technical Manager, V-Plan Ltd.


The subject of my thesis is the authorization plan of a triangular junction between the Southern Link Bridge (MÁV No. 1 railway line) and Soroksári út station (No. 150 railway line). This new line will connect parts of Pan-European corridors (IV-V with X).

The Intermodal Logistics Center BILK was built South of Budapest, next to the MÁV No. 150 railway line. Relatively large number of freight train runs from West Hungary to the BILK. Now this trains run via Ferencváros, they change their direction at that station. The run-round of locomotives take long time, and it needs unnecessary shunting. The planned triangular junction connects directly the two lines, so it will substitute the shunting at Ferencváros station.

After making study plan in different speed-variants (40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 km/h), I realised that all variants has advantages and disadvantages. I made some calculations of the travel times at the junction. (How much time it takes until train leaves the last insulated rail joint at the different variants.)

After rating the variants of study plan with my consultants we choose the 80 km/h (50 mph) variant, and I made the authorization plan of this new railway line. Because of the difficulty of the site plan planning, in one of the curves only 70 km/h (44 mph) is allowed. The radiuses of the curves are 350 meters. By the Hungarian regulations, the lengths of the track transition curves (Euler spirals) are 78 and 48 meters. At the junction the switches are MÁV 60-800-types (60 km/m rails with a radius of 800 meters. Some parameters are out of the Hungarian standards; therefore an exemption from it is required.

Although the length of the planned railway line is only 1,500 meters, the cost of it is rather high, approx. 3.8 billion forints (12.5 million Euros). The reason for it is that a 410 meters long concrete bridge is to be built over the streets and a department store is to be expropriated.



  • Budapest
  • Southern railway link bridge
  • Triangular junction
  • Soroksári út railway station